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It's tough going at first, but their mutual friendship brings them closer to their goal, and closer to each other. A s cantopop instrument arrangement by Sammi Cheng. However, that little PC nugget seems lost since the film portrays becoming slim as some sort of victory.

In addition, her fans were angry and hissed at Faye Wong when she went on stage to receive an award. Film ini diproduksi dan disutradarai oleh Johnnie To dan Wai Ka-Faidiperankan oleh salah satu bintang ternama di Hongkong yaitu artis senior Andy Lau dan pemeran wanitanya adalah Sammi Cheng.

In one of those not-so-wonderfully dense movie tropes, the two don't get along at first, but soon grow to like each other, to the point where Fatso allows himself to be used as a human punching bag to pay for expensive weight-loss treatments for Mini so that she can be reunited with Kurokawa.

Enter Fatty Andy Lauan equally overweight knife salesman who accidentally becomes Mini's friend and confidant.

Lalu sampai di tujuan tidak ada pembicaraan antara Si Gendeut dan Mini yang berarti. The two kiss, promising never to leave each other again. Due to the huge demand for tickets, the four performances was expanded to eight.

Setelah akhirnya mencoba untuk diet, seperti menelan cacing pita dan berolahraga Dance Dance RevolutionMini akhirnya dikirim oleh si Gendut ke tempat terapi diet khusus.

Just as Mini reaches new lows, she meets similarly rotund Hongkonger Fat Lo who, despite a cold exterior, offers his support when it's most needed.

Community work[ edit ] In Cheng performed at the 1: Sammi is a trendsetter of hair-coloring and has been chosen to be one of the Top Film love on a diet fashionable celebrities in Hong Kong. Mini cannot forget her former boyfriend, Kurokawa, who is now a world-famous pianist. If you can get past the inherent stereotyping, then this Needing You reunion film can be a funny, enjoyable romantic comedy.

She hangs on to him because she feels she has nothing left, and Fatty takes to her only after he discovers that she's really a sweet girl beneath all those pounds. Break — [ edit ] InCheng had only one feature film release and no music projects.

She also broke the record as being the youngest female singer to hold more than 50 accumulated concert nights in the city.

Their forced parting drove her to eat relentlessly and now, ten years later, she's ballooned to over three hundred pounds. The bond between the two stars is never explained in massive exposition, nor are we prodded into submission by overwhelming manipulation.

In the movie, Sammi plays Mini, who has ballooned to three hundred pounds after being dumped by her boyfriend, a concert pianist named Kurokawa Kurokawa Rikia. But Fatso finds his funds running low.

No, it's all done through that rare filmmaking skill: But with her new fame also came a lot of backlash from the media. Sammi released 3 full-length studio albums prior to leaving school: Ia bergegas mencari Si Gendut ke tempat biasa mereka kunjungi, sampai akhirnya ia di beritahukan oleh salah satu tetangganya yang sudah tidak lagi mengenali Mini karena tubuh nya yang sudah kurus, ia memberi tahu bahwa Si Gendut sedang berjuang mencari uang dengan cara dipukuli hingga babak belur untuk membiayai Mini.

Sammi Cheng

In the late s during the slump of the HK film industry she starred in the film Needing You Pada malam reuni dengan Kurokawa, si Gendut menurunkan Mini di Menara Tokyo, tetapi Mini sangat tidak tenang dan takut tidak bertemu kembali dengan si Gendut, karena Si Gendut pun terlihat cuek dan tidak ada kesedihan sedikit pun di raut wajah nya padahal dalam waktu singkat mereka akan berpisah untuk waktu yang lama.

Sepuluh tahun yang lalu, mereka berdua telah berjanji untuk bertemu di kaki Menara Tokyo pada malam putus-mereka. Music[ edit ] Sammi Cheng entered the entertainment industry at the age of 16 through the New Talent Singing Awards in Inthe company decided it was time for Sammi to expand her market and fan base beyond Hong Kong.

See media help. Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai Year: Seeing Mini sink further into despair bothers Fatty, so he makes a deal with her. Sesampainya di Menara Tokyo tersebut dia bertemu dengan mantan pacar nya Kurokawa di bawah menara yang seperti dijanjikan 10 tahun yang lalu, dan pasangan ini diwawancarai oleh jaringan lokal, dan acara — acara televisi di Jepang, tetapi mini tiba — tiba menyaksikan pemberitahuan lain yang menampilkan siaran tinju si Gendut yang sedang di pukuli oleh orang — orang itu jalanan.

This made her to be the actress with most number of nominations as best actress in Hong Kong Film Awards' history but without any win. The name was later changed to "Sammi" as "Sammi" sounds a little like "Sau Man".

Mini mengikuti kemana—mana si Gendut pergi, setelah jengkel sekali dengan Mini, ia menemukan alasan di balik depresi nya tersebut bahwa Mini tidak bisa melupakan mantan pacarnya, Kurokawa yang sekarang menjadi pianis terkenal di dunia.

She traveled to Laos with fellow singer Gigi Leungalso a World Vision volunteer, to experience for themselves the struggles of the local people and children.Love on a diet adalah film Hong Kong tahun yang bergenre komedi roman.

Film ini diproduksi dan disutradarai oleh Johnnie To dan Wai Ka-Fai, diperankan oleh salah satu bintang ternama di Hongkong yaitu artis senior Andy Lau dan pemeran wanitanya adalah Sammi Contributors to Wikimedia Projects. · This is a terrific film with wonderful performances from all, I would recommend this film to anyone who has or knows of someone with epilepsy.

I myself had it (although this was a mild form that I grew out of).

I was never aware of the ketogenic diet.6,9/10(1,5K). · It's the simplest of love stories, just a real life love story in a real life urban/suburb setting. But the film has a heart and soul. I'm sure when a bigger budget comes your way you'll do some amazing work, because your overall direction was relatively amazing in this little film.4,2/10().

Awards: Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Original Film Song Love on a Diet Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards – Best Actress Wu yen Asian Film Awards –.

Love on a Diet

Love on a Diet is a Hong Kong romantic comedy film produced and directed by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai, starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. The film reuni. LOVE ON A DIET - HK movie BLU-RAY (Region A) Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng (English subtitled): Tak Wah Andy Lau, Sau Man Sammi Cheng, Kei Fung Johnnie To: Movies & TV5/5(5).

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